Anthem for Electronics Shopping

For the March 2017 instalment of his Long Wave programme on Dublab, Mike Harding put out a call for anthems, national or otherwise. It was a loose, open brief, but the best ones are!

Thinking about alternative anthems for Japan, I turned to my obsession with Japanese store jingles. Nearly every chain store in Japan has an incredibly catchy song that plays in the shop. After listening to and sampling from countless selections, I settled on making a piece based upon my first love, the Bic Camera song.

Mike played it during the second half of the show, but you really should listen to the whole episode. In addition to closing with a piece of his own making, he presents selections from Lasse Marhaug, Jana Winderen, Chris Watson, Geneva Skeen and more.

You can stream or download the episode from the Dublab site here and you can listen to my piece, Anthem for Electronics Shopping, on its own via the embedded SoundCloud player below.